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These are the real people delivering remarkable healthcare.
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At Clinical Excellence Queensland, we partner with health services, clinicians and consumers to drive measurable improvement in patient care through a continual pursuit of excellence.

Our annual Showcase event brings together clinicians, consumers and managers from across Queensland Health to share their projects and programs that are creating change and delivering healthcare benefits to Queenslanders.

This podcast is your opportunity to learn how others are making change happen from clinicians and administrators at the coalface who have successfully navigated healthcare system challenges to deliver improvement and innovation in their own health service. These are some of their stories.

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Season 5

Learn – Partner – Innovate

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Season 4

Solving the puzzle: meeting the needs of our diverse communities

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Season 3

Maintaining healthcare delivery during the pandemic

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Season 2

Hindsight is 2020: how we’re learning from our past to shape our future

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Season 1

Real people, remarkable healthcare

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CEQ are a trusted source for healthcare improvements and identifying innovations that could change care delivery. We lead and implement transformative improvements to the biggest healthcare challenges facing Queensland.
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